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Who Are We?

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life."  John 3:16

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Christ Lutheran Church is a member of the Texas District, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, an international church with congregations in all 50 states and partner churches around the world.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has more than 2.6 million members in approximately 6,000 congregations.

Christ Lutheran Church has 245 communicant (285 baptized) members, and an annual budget of $287,647 for 2018.  We have designated funds for local, state, national, and international missions. 

Click here for a brief history of Christ Lutheran Church.  A more detailed history is being written; if you have historical documents, photos, or memories you'd like to share in this endeavor, you may email them to Joyce Kuhl or send them by regular mail to Joyce Kuhl, 5601 Orlando Ave., Lubbock TX 79413-4600

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Christ Lutheran Church is a part of the family of God through Holy Baptism.  Our mission is threefold:  (1)  To promote the growth of the family of God through the sacraments, worship, Bible study, and Christian fellowship and unity; and, (2) To be of service to the family of God in meeting their needs and concerns spiritually, socially, and physically; and, (3) To provide financial and prayer support to local, state, national, and world missions to multiply the Christian Church.

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Dr. Martin Luther's seal expresses his theology and his faith.  He designed it himself.

bullet In the center is a black cross indicative of Christ's dreadful sacrifice on the cross for every sinner who ever lived.
bullet The cross is in the center of a red heart, to show that faith causes love, joy and peace to grow in the human heart.
bullet The red heart is on a white rose (Luther's favorite flower) because white is the color of angels and blessed spirits.
bullet The white rose is against a blue-sky background to symbolize the Christian's hope for the coming joys of heaven.
bullet The seal is enclosed in a gold ring, showing that the bliss of heaven is unending. 

Luther's seal is not used as an official symbol of The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.  However, it is incorporated into the Synod's official seal to show our acceptance of Luther's doctrines.  The seal has been used by Lutherans worldwide.





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