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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life."  John 3:16

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All communicant members, 18 years and older, form the governing body of Christ Church and are invited to vote in the decision-making process.  The Church Council, composed of all elected persons and a youth representative meet monthly as needed.  All communicant members 18 years and older are likewise welcome at any Council meeting and have the privilege of speaking as well as the right to vote.  

A stewardship program is presented each year at Christ Church.  This program presents the proposed goals for the following year.  An annual congregational meeting is held the third Sunday of each November.  At this meeting, the budget is adopted, officers are elected, and any major decisions affecting the life of the congregation are acted upon.

2015 Church Council

Clifford Fischer
Vice President
Kelly Kensing
Arlene Hale
Jennifer Bryson


Christian Growth Director
Vicki Sweetman
Community Outreach Director
Kathy Franklin
Community Relations Director
Marky Edwards
Properties Director
Billy Guetersloh


Spiritual Board Director
James Diers
Stewardship Director
Eric Bruning
Youth Directors
Jack and Becky Meeks

The following Spiritual Board members were elected for 2015:


James Diers

Rodney Donahue

Allen Graham

Phillip Guengerich

Tom Jackson

Brooks Jennings 

Roger Pamperin

Chris Weiss


The following people have been elected to the positions indicated for 2016:

President:  Kelly Kensing
Vice President:
Secretary:  John Keinath
Treasurer:  Jennifer Bryson
Christian Growth Director:  Vicki Sweetman
Community Outreach Director:  Joyce Kuhl
Community Relations Director:
Stewardship Director:  Christopher Bryson
Properties Director:  Erwin Merz
Youth Directors:  Rusty and Lori Hoffman
Spiritual Board:

Forrest Edwards
 Clifford Fischer
Allen Graham
Phillip Guengerich
Tom Jackson
Brooks Jennings
Chris Weiss

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